Google Authority Stack

A Google Authority Stack is a collection of Google products like Google Sites, Blogger, Docs, Sheets, Forms, and Slides containing company information
that are ‘stacked’ on top of each other and made public, taking full advantage of Google Authority Stack properties. This Gig helps to power up the links and help them get indexed.

Building Google Stacks for your business is essential if you want to:

  • Promote your business
  • Make your GMB listing rank on SERPs
  • Increase your website traffic
  • Boost your SEO metrics
  • Get indexed on several search engines
  • Get more paying customers

Google resources to come up with high-quality backlinks!

  • Google Maps
  • Google Forms
  • Google Drawing
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Photos
  • Slideshare

Google Documents
    – Spreadsheets
    – Presentation Slides
    – PDFs

Phase I: Setup All Google

  1. Google Site
  2. Google Public Folder
  3. Google Doc
  4. Google PDF
  5. Google Map
  6. Google Slide Presentation
  7. Google Photos
  8. Google Spreadsheet

Phase II: Setup Buffer Web 2.0 Properties

  • Create Web 2.0 blogs on some of the most popular platforms for ultimate link juice

Phase II: Setup Web 2.0 Profiles

  • Nice profiles on popular platforms and forum profiles.

Phase III: EDU Profiles

  • Links from some quality EDU websites.

Phase IV: Google Map Embeds

  • Embedding the created Google Map across a number of blogs and properties.

Phase V: Authority Links from Amazon AWS / Google Cloud / Microsoft Azure / Alibaba

  • Creating the cloud backlinks which will give you a boost  from authority sites.

Phase VI: SAPE Links

  • Send SAPE links to the Google property to juice it up and send link juice to your money site.

Phase VII: Links & Indexing

  • Build links to the most important properties to speed up the indexing process.
  • Send all links to the indexing service.
  • The content we are going to use will be spun with Spin Rewriter.

Turn Around Time: 10 Days or Earlier


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